Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello, and welcome to my Blog

     You probably stumbled upon this using the Google search while trying to find out about all the pros and cons about this place. I am here today to explain to you why this is one of the worst states to live in the United States, and why I left this state after getting sick of the bullshit here. If you are wondering what the hell happened to humanity upon the type of people that live here, you are not alone and you are sane. I am going to go through several reasons about why you should not move to Wisconsin and why you should stay the hell away from this place.

     Before I begin my blog, I'd like to state that I am a political atheist, and I do not side with conservatism or liberalism. The reason I am mentioning this is because my arguments may sound like a combination of the two, and also because of the debates of this state's political party. Please also note that the cartoons I am using in my arguments are for comic relief, and that my points about racial discrimination are based on personal experience. Any URLs you see that are shaded in are citations I've used to back up my claims.

   #1. Wisconsin is possibly the biggest police state in America

     For those of you that think California has too much police, this state wins hands down (URL). When my mom and I first moved up here, we were impressed with how low this state's crime was because we moved from Arizona which is usually ranked in the top 5 for crime in the U.S. You're probably thinking that living in a state with low crime is good because you won't have to deal with troublesome criminals every day. Believe me, a low crime state is just as bad as a high crime one; and being born and raised in California, this is the worst I have ever seen. I have seen the FBI here, Riot Police, SWAT teams, Sheriff cars, police trucks, and just about every police department in existence.  Here are some reasons below explaining why this is a bad thing.

                            You will be harassed a lot

     I was raised by a strict Jewish family (although I consider myself secular), and my parents kept me out of gangs, away from drug users, and encouraged me to socialize with decent people. I have never been in any trouble with the police until I moved up to this state, and constantly having officers harass me for little or no reason. Because there is no crime here and the police are bored, they have nothing else better to do but to constantly stop and question people over any little thing they see. Not only that, but the police are very corrupt here.

     One example was when my mom and I were at a small town called Liverpool and some kid lied to two officers by saying that I was trying to break into his car. This had happened after I walked out of a McDonald's carrying a soft drink because my grandmother needed to take her medication. They stopped and asked me "why I was attempting to break into his car" without even asking for my side of the story. Now as far as my knowledge of the law, it is very poor police conduct to accuse someone of a crime before asking any questions. Any officer in their right mind would interrogate a suspect about a crime before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions based on what the victim said. I couldn't believe how poorly trained these officers were, and I thought something fishy was going on. Not only that, but they told me to dump my soft drink out saying that I was "stealing" it, because I walked off the property.

     The police are not the owners of the McDonald's and they do not know if I had received permission to refill the soda; and using police powers on a person where the situation is not associated with legalities is actually considered police misconduct. Telling me to dump out my soda based on an assumption is poor police conduct as well. I couldn't even believe my ears when one of the cops asked me if I took any salt packets out of the store. I just figured they were doing this on purpose to antagonize me, which is why I tried to brush the whole thing off. What really made this whole thing suspicious is that the kid that reported me was sitting in the front seat of the cop car, so I know for sure they were trying to set me up.

     Now, lets stop here for a moment. You just read this first paragraph, right? This is just an example of what happens every single day here, and trust me, it will drive you ape shit. Any time you live in a state that has a large amount of police that go around stopping people for shit like this, it is time to move. You can go to the Sheriff's office and file a complaint, and it will not do a damn thing because this stuff happens all the time here with a different officer. It does not matter if you are minding your own business while walking down the street; the police will watch you here like a hawk, and the moment you even do anything, it does not matter what it is, you will get stopped and questioned for it. If you want to live in a state where the cops will:

  • Follow you home for little or no reason;
  • Ring your doorbell at 5AM asking random questions;
  • Abuse their powers by bossing you around when you're not breaking the law;
  • Pull you over for running a stop sign in an apartment complex; 
  • Stop and question you when you're jogging at night, because they think you did something wrong;
  • Send you letters in the mail asking for donations and jury duty;
  • Call your house at 10PM because someone reported you for a really stupid reason;
  • Threaten to jail you for refusing to speak after witnessing a crime;
  • Drive behind your car to check your sticker; run your plate through the computer; check your car for any faulty noises or appearances; and then drive behind you for five fucking minutes to see if you tap a construction cone or go over the dashed white line;

then this is the place for you. This stuff happens every single day, and it does not get better. I don't care what town or city you live in, I have seen all this above in numerous counties all over Wisconsin. Whenever I see police act like this, it makes me think how much I would love to see them patrol areas such as downtown Los Angeles and Detroit. When you live in an area that has a lot of crime or moderate-level crime, you NEVER have to deal with cops like this.

                            Unlawful detainment and handcuffing

     There's two types of police misconduct I'd like to talk about that has been a major problem in Wisconsin. Before I dive into this, I would like to point out that police in the U.S. are allowed to detain you if they have "reasonable suspicion" you're committing a crime (URL), and handcuff you if they "feel threatened" (as in hurting someone, or damaging something) (URL). Reasonable suspicion has to be more than a mere hunch which is the general rule, and handcuffing should only take place if the suspect is acting in a manner that threatens the officer. If the police have "probable cause" that you committed a crime, you will be put under arrest. Here in Wisconsin, I have seen numerous cases where police have abused these conducts many times. One example can be found by watching this YouTube video where men were unlawfully detained and handcuffed for open carry of AR-15s in public (URL). You can even hear in the recording about the cops letting them go in fear of lawsuits.

     If the above explanation was not clear enough, here are some examples. If Joe is walking down the street wearing a shirt that says "I love marijuana", it would likely be considered a hunch by the courts if the officer stopped him and asked if he is possessing marijuana based on the wording of his shirt. Now, if Joe is sitting in a park messing around with a piece of paper, herbs, and smoke can be seen in the air, the courts would see this as a reasonable stop because the evidence looks like the guy was smoking marijuana. In reality, there is no clear cut way to break down these two rules because cops have to go by common sense, human nature, and good judgement. On the other hand, if Joe is indeed smoking marijuana, he will be arrested under probable cause. "Probable cause" means you "probably" committed a crime, meaning you are innocent until proven guilty in court.

     Here is another explanation to clear things up. If you were picking tomatoes in a field and you saw a tomato that was half ripe, you may have a hard time deciding if the official color is red or green. Because your boss tells you that he wants you to pick red tomatoes, you had reasonable judgement to examine the tomato and determine if it was more red than green. If the tomato is almost entirely covered in red, it is likely that you would pick it with the rest of your collection.

     Because there is no specific legal definition of reasonable suspicion, Wisconsin police can simply detain you by making up some excuse of why they're doing it. Let's say for example that Joe is walking down the street and minding his own business, and he's not committing any crimes nor action that makes him suspicious. Joe has some confrontation with an officer (perhaps looking at him funny, or spitting near the police car), so the officer gets pissed off and decides to stop him. Joe is stopped by the officer, and tells Joe that he is being detained for suspicion of a crime. Joe specifically asks what he is being detained for, so the officer makes up any reason he can to justify the stop. This can range from accusing him of spitting on his car, or making up some story saying that some guy down the road said Joe did something. The police can legally do this to aggravate you, and there's realistically no way to fight this in court since the law technically allows police to stop you for any reason based on discretion and judgement.

     Now, let's talk about handcuffing. Joe probably pissed off the officer by rolling his eyes or saying he smells funny, so the officer decides to handcuff him. Because there is no specific legal definition between an officer being threatened or not, he can simply handcuff Joe by making up some excuse. This excuse can range from him looking a certain way, acting a certain way, or basically anything in general. A general rule is that officers in the U.S. shouldn't handcuff you unless you're performing an action that causes some sort of threat; such as if you slammed your car door, started yelling, and then ran towards the officer. Some states have ruled that the suspect must be fidgeting or making suspicious movements for a lawful action of handcuffing to take place, but this isn't always the case since any actions can occur. The police can legally use this loophole to aggravate you as well, and there's realistically no way to fight this in court either since this law is also based on discretion and judgement.

     If you're wondering why police will use these two loopholes without making an arrest, I can answer this with two points. First, police typically arrest suspects based on enough evidence that warrants "beyond a reasonable doubt". What this means is that a cop is not going to place you under arrest unless there is heavy evidence that shows you have indeed committed a crime (URL). Let's say for example that a woman dials 911 and tells the dispatcher that she was just raped, and a cop is driving down the the street. He sees a man running down the sidewalk, and eventually catches him by telling him to stop, or by using some sort of force (such as a taser gun). When he stops the suspect, he detains him, handcuffs him, and begins patting him down to check if he has any dangerous weapons, identification, evidence, and so forth. If the suspect doesn't show any strong evidence that a rape took place, then it is likely that he will be set free. If the suspect is showing strong evidence (such as a box of open condoms with torn clothes, or admitting he raped her), the suspect will be arrested.

     If a cop arrests you under some lame ass story without strong evidence, this is going to look very fishy on the police report. It is true that rookie cops may accidentally arrest a person based on a mistake they made due to poor training, and in cases like this, they will correct the mistake to avoid from being sued. This doesn't mean that police departments can get sued whenever they make poor judgement though. Even if poor judgement was used by a cop at a crime scene, he typically will get paid suspension, more training, or get lectured by the police chief. Due to this, be sure to keep in mind that poor judgement on an arrest is not necessarily a free pay check to sue the department. Whenever police in the U.S. do something against you, you have little chance of winning because there's too many loopholes and laws that give them a safety parachute. Combine this all with jury that will tend to side with cops under the "good officer" mentality, and you now have a full blown police state.

     Second, any time the police take you to jail and book you to appear for a court date, the police report is reviewed by the DA (meaning District Attorney). When the case goes to court and is reviewed by the judge and cross examiner, this is going to look even more obviously messed up if the arrest was deemed unlawful. When cases go this far under bad arrests, a cop can lose his job and cause trouble for the department. For example; if you went to court under a police report that stated your arrest was based on you praying in public and the act of praying was offending pedestrians, not only is this going to make the cop look like a complete dumb ass, the department would most likely be sued.

     And there you go folks, a full explanation of how police can abuse power of detainment and handcuffing. These are two loopholes in the legal system that police will use if you piss them off, and they can do this shit AND get away with it in any Wisconsin court room. The main reason why they will not arrest you using these two loopholes is because it gives the courts strong evidence to prove they were abusing it. My best advice is if you come across a cop that acts like this, you should remain silent until you speak to a lawyer. Most of the cops here play dirty, and you should never ever trust them for this reason. NEVER talk to police if they accuse you of a crime, and remain silent. If police ever ask to search you, your car, or home, tell them no. Do not open your door to any cop that threatens entry to your home, and have a video camera to record them as evidence if you're ever tried in court.

             Police will grab you and manhandle you without warning

     This one is a little bit different but slightly similar to the last two loopholes. In the U.S., a cop has to make quick decisions to detain or arrest you based on the situation, but the problem with Wisconsin cops is that they act sloppy with this. I have seen many situations where an individual was not acting in a threatening manner, and the police grabbed the individual without prior warning. The problem with these actions is that it can cause the suspect to react in fear of being attacked, and may use self defense. When the suspect fights off the officer in fear of bodily harm, they are either charged with resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, or both. Sometimes police will do this on purpose to someone based on racial profiling, or if the police are simply just pissed off in general.

     Here is an example; there was this African American homeless guy that was sitting on a bench at a grocery store, and the manager called the police over an incident where he was asked to leave. When police arrived to the scene, they immediately stepped out of the car and began to walk towards him. They made a sarcastic comment, and then immediately grabbed him without warning. The homeless guy reacted in shock to this which escalated the situation to shoving around. Wisconsin judges sometimes will drop charges if this conduct was done by police in this manner, but the problem here is the situation at hand. I really hope Congress creates a law that prevents this sort of conduct, possibly one where police must give a warning to a suspect if they are about to be detained or arrested

                      Everyone here is 911 trigger happy

     I literally get into a conversation here about the police and the legal system every week that goes by. There are so much cops here that people can't even talk about a different subject outside of police unless however it is football or drinking beer. The people here are very rude and will call the cops on you for little or no reason just for revenge, or because they "believe a crime has been committed." People will call the police here for the dumbest things you will ever see in your life, its like watching a comedy show on TV. I was once in a grocery store and someone dialed 911 because an old man got angry and threw a register receipt at a cashier after he crumbled it up in a little ball. I also saw police once handcuff a Black kid in front of the mall because he was rapping using obscene gestures and language. I'm literally laughing just typing this up, and I could write a book about what goes on here, so I'll give you one example involving myself.

     There was a time when one of my family members called an Outback Steakhouse restaurant because of an item he left back there in the bathroom. Because he has a speech impairment, people sometimes do not take him seriously on the phone. So anyway, he kept getting hung up on and I had to call for him to speak to the manager. I explained the situation and the manager was very rude on the phone, and acted like he didn't care. When I asked him if they could find the item, they put me on hold and I didn't get a call back.

     About fifteen minutes later, a cop called my phone saying that I was "harassing them", because we kept calling after they hung up the second time. I was angered because of this, and told the officer I didn't want to continue speaking to him. He then laughed on the phone and then said "Well.....I don't want to charge you with anything" and "don't make me come over to your house and ticket you." I told him that I couldn't believe that they would call the police over something like this, and then mentioned that I was going to call Outback HQ. I called HQ and spoke to the manager, and he called me back saying that the restaurant called the police, because they thought they were about to get robbed. I asked him why, and he said it was because we kept telling them to check the restrooms. Now, lets stop here again for a moment.

     A restaurant, fearing they were about to be robbed, called the cops on us because I asked them politely to check the restrooms for an item. This is just an example of how everyone here is 911 trigger happy and will report you even just over small assumptions. This is also another example of how discriminatory people act in this state that they refuse to speak to someone on the phone with a speech disorder (which I will explain later in this blog). There was no need for the police to be called on us, because nobody was threatened or in any danger. The only reason they did this to us is because they got pissed off when we kept calling back, and thought we were wasting their time. And yes, this conduct happens pretty much every day here and will drive you ape shit. Why do people do this? The answer is because its a police state, enough said.

                                Terrible state laws

     Some of the state laws here are absolutely terrible, and they are designed to protect the police or some sort of private party. Let me first start off by mentioning the Disorderly Conduct law here. The statute is as follows:

     "WI Statute 947.01: Disorderly Conduct. Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which the conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor (URL).

     I cannot believe the Supreme Court hasn't questioned this state about creating a law this vague. Do you see how loosely written this statute is? This means that I can get arrested for:

  • Swearing in a public area (yes, a few naughty words lands you in jail);
  • Defending myself in a fight;
  • A conduct that tends to cause or provoke a disturbance (this can literally be anything);
  • Someone "believing" I am being violent;
  • Someone "believing" I am being loud;
  • Disorderly (Seriously, what the fuck does this fall under?)

     In reality, what this law means is that you can get charged for pretty much any action you do. Here is an example; if you walk into a Wal-Mart, say "Fuck You" two times and then flip someone off, you now have an infraction or misdemeanor on your record. You can sit up here with this "freedom of speech" shit all day and it will not work in this state. The moment you cuss at someone or raise your voice, the police will come within minutes and slap the cuffs on you, causing you to pay a fine. The noise and actions DO NOT need to be repetitive or for a prolonged period of time. Because of how loosely written this law is, it can be complicated to fight it in court and police will abuse it all the time. I understand that saying something like this to someone may be considered unethical, but I find it absolutely absurd that you can be prosecuted for using an obscene word or gesture in a public setting.

A group of Wisconsinites looked at me like this when I said "damn" out loud in a sentence. LOL.

    There was a time I was at Wal-Mart and this guy was swearing at a cashier, because she was over ringing the prices for his items. When he was going off at her, I only heard a few obscene words that he used before he walked outside the door. When the police came, they drove up to him and got out, and then pinned him against the wall. He was cited for disorderly conduct, and I just shook my head as I walked away. There is literally no freedom of speech in Wisconsin, and we're slowly becoming a police state due to this law. Remember kids, you're only allowed to use one cuss word per person! Any more than this, and the police man locks you up! :)

     Here's an example of an incident involving myself. My fiancee and I were having an argument at our apartment, and the cops came to our door and wrote me up for "being disorderly". I asked them to go into detail, and they said that any call of a disturbance usually involves them citing someone. So within minutes of swearing and raising my voice at my fiancee that was not even prolonged or repetitive, I had to go to court over this charge. I spoke to a lawyer about this incident, and he told me that poor police discretion was used for the fact our situation did not escalate to a point of immediate danger . I went to court to get the charge dropped.

     I was once also attacked in a night club by two people, and when I defended myself from bodily harm, the police gave me a $450 fine for Disorderly Conduct. The two people that attacked me went home free, because they were not viewed as a threat. Another example of how dangerous it is to live here, because defending yourself in this state is a crime. I will NEVER live in a state that sends me to jail after defending myself from someone that is trying to hurt me. To any of the police that are reading this, FUCK you guys, and FUCK your bullshit laws. You guys may have the power to lock me up, but I have the power to bail myself out, go home, and bang my woman while you guys are playing with yourselves at 3AM. Good luck getting me arrested for typing this, because I'm no longer in your shitty jurisdiction. :)

     Another incident was when I was in a McDonald's and there were two African American guys that started badmouthing the police force when these two cops walked in. The cops told them to stop and the men turned around telling them that they weren't going to because it was freedom of speech. The cops then grabbed the men while they tried to escape, and then used pepper spray on them as they ran out the door. Another example of this bullshit that happens here, and another example of abusive power. There is no law in the United States that prevents you from talking bad about the police in a public area. Guess what the cops charged the men with? Disorderly Conduct. I wish I had this much knowledge of legalities when this took place in 2006, because I would have testified as a witness.

     Another incident was when a group of five men walked into a Culver's restaurant armed with handguns, and an old lady called the police on them. The cops came and asked them to show their licenses to carry weapons, and they refused (which they are allowed to). The cops charged them with Disorderly Conduct, because they couldn't think of any other charge to give them, and the men fought it in court.

     Just like I briefly mentioned above, Wisconsin also has a domestic law that forces police to arrest a party even if one party is not willing to press charges (URL). For example; one of my friends here was rooming with three other people and she was arrested after defending herself when they jumped her. When a neighbor called the police and the officer investigated, he was forced to arrest her on his discretion. The neighbor didn't even want to press charges and was just calling because of the noise. Some states have laws that allow an officer to decide if they should arrest a party, and that doesn't happen here. A similar incident happened after my mom dialed 911, because we thought a man was injured in our apartment hallway. When police showed up, they found out he was drunk and arrested him. I told them that nobody was pressing charges, and they said he violated the state law.

     Wisconsin now also has a law here that allows police to arrest you over making comments that "sound like a threat". Based on the true threat legislature that was reviewed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, you can now get prosecuted for saying that you feel like shooting someone or some place without even specifying who or what (URL). So in other words, you better hope there is no circus down the road when you say you feel like killing a clown. The problem with this new law is that it conflicts with free speech, and people fail to realize this. Based on what this law describes, a person could get prosecuted for writing a short novel or fanfiction based on a school shooting in Wisconsin. As long as the person reads the text and feels threatened, this is enough to warrant police to take action.

     Please bring some extra cash with you in Wisconsin just in case the police arrest you for an imaginary crime you never committed. You may need to bail yourself out.

              People are getting in trouble in the most ridiculous cases

     I want you to take a look at this news article (URL). This guy was arrested for posting a so called "threat" on his Face Book page saying that he felt like shooting up a school. He did not mention the name of the school he was going to shoot, and police arrested him within 5 hours after he posted the comment which was removed within an hour. From what I have read in Wisconsin law sites, a true threat must be directed to an entity for it to be considered a threat (URL). Since his words were not directed towards a specific entity, I don't see why it was necessary for police to even bother with this situation. So yeah, you can now be arrested in Wisconsin for making comments about shooting something without even going into detail.

     Here is an article about a man who was arrested for having manga books in his house that contained Lolicon images (URL). If you're wondering what this is all about, a law was passed after president Bush signed a document allowing people to get prosecuted for possessing obscene drawn images of characters that "look like children" (URL). Mangas are Japanese comic books that are very popular in Japan, and have been popular in the U.S. over the past two decades. Although this happened in an Iowa town that was near the Wisconsin border, I'm just going to go ahead and show you this article to prove how easy it is to get prosecuted the more north you go on the U.S. map. The cops up here unbelievably took their sweet time researching what this guy was getting in the mail, cutting open his packages per day, and being suspicious of Japanese letters on a cover book (URL). These cops have nothing else better to do up here, this is absolutely amazing. Christopher Handley now faces up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for having nude pictures of cartoons.

     If you take a look at the Wikipedia article I just recently posted, you will notice that every single arrest over this Lolicon law took place in a northern or mid-western state. This is the reason why I am proud to be a Californian, because we do not put loads of our tax paying money into enforcing laws like this when there's tons of other crazy shit going on like mass serial killers, mass rapists, and bank robbers who all should be prosecuted for ending people's lives, and hurting families. Yes, it is true that this law covers every state, but every state chooses to enforce which crimes are more important than others. These states up north having low crime is not an excuse to enforce less serious crimes much more, because serious crimes happen in every state. In other words, there is no such thing as a safe state. Milwaukee, a city in Wisconsin, has been known as a very dangerous city in the U.S. although Wisconsin is ranked very low for crime.

     Here is the article about the Culver's incident I mentioned above (URL). The city of Madison offered to pay the men $10,000 in damages. Yes, these men were arrested for carrying holstered weapons into a restaurant, LOL. Some of the men were also charged with obstruction for not complying with the officers. In this state, people commonly see police harassing people with armed weapons, yet a civilian walking around with an armed weapon is feared in the community. People are constantly being stopped for armed weapons, and this is a sign that the government is trying to push Martial Law in this region. I am now starting to think that the reason why Scott Walker made a law for civilians carrying concealed weapons was because he was getting sick of the police departments wasting their time over dispatcher calls about visible holstered guns (URL). I guess this state is too self righteous for weapons, and only low class scum bags should carry guns.

               More evidence that Wisconsin is the #1 police state

     Go on Google and start typing questions that have anything to do with the U.S. law, you will get some top contributors of Yahoo Answers. Mostly all of them are located in Wisconsin, or a neighboring state. (URL). That right there is another obvious sign that this state is possibly the biggest police state. Why is it that none of the top contributors are located anywhere else? Where is California, Florida, New York, Texas, etc.?

     I also wanted to let you know that all this legal information you have read all the way from the beginning is coming from a person that did not take any classes within a criminal justice degree. All this information you see is what I learned from conversations, and reading articles on Google. For the fact you have seen this much information come out of me should be enough for you to realize that this place is indeed a fucking gestapo base. People constantly gawk about how bad California is, and I never knew any of this information when I lived there.

     Now, if you have read this Blog all the way up to here and have any brains, you would stay the hell away from this damn place. I cannot stress myself to any of the poor souls that move up here to this hell hole. For the fact that I have to sit down in a chair and type up a Blog this long shows you that I am already tired of what is going on here. This is just the police here, wait till you get a load of the people.

                                 #2. The people

                            The people are prejudiced

     There are two types of racism that I would like to discuss before I actually jump into this subject. These two types are known as passive racism, and aggressive racism. Passive racism is when a person is being discriminative towards you, but does it in a non-violent and non-abusive way. It's not always clear out in the open, but its fairly easy to spot. Aggressive racism is when a person is being discriminative towards you, but does it in a violent and abusive way. This can range from a person directly saying it to your face, or pointing to a weapon that is holstered. Wisconsin is the state that fits the passive racist category.

     I am getting sick and tired of people pointing fingers at southern states for being prejudiced such as Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, and Florida. It seems as when a person thinks of discrimination and racism, they automatically think of some gun tootin' cowboy with a loud mouth and nasty vocabulary. The only reason why southern states stand out more is because of the high crime and racial violence you constantly see in the media. The only time the media ever reports something bad on a northern state is something silly like police handcuffing a kid running around with a squirt gun, or some guy doing pot in the Toys R Us bathroom.

     After living in both southern and mid-western states, I can safely say that Wisconsin is more racist due to the amount of passive racism I have seen here. A person does not need to show violence in order to make it obvious that they are being prejudiced towards you, and you can thank the biased media for this based on the type of news they report on a basis. Whenever violence takes place, the media will always jump to it in the heartbeat. Since Wisconsin ranks in the top 10 for states with least crime, they almost never hit the main media at all. Let's take a look at the way different races here act based on the type of culture that exists.

                                                             The Whites

     I am part Sicilian, part Hebrew, and have been recognized as a Jewish Italian guy in both California and Arizona. In southern states, the mentality I received from most Whites was like "oh, I see, you're Italian"; compared to up here, they act like "Oh my god, what the hell is that!!??" Ever since I moved up here in 2006, I have been completely alienated, discriminated against, and racial profiled just because I have dark skin. If you have just a drop of any minority ethnicity in you, whether it is Asian, Black, Hispanic, Hebrew, Arabic, Sicilian, purple, or green, they will treat you as an outcast. If you check the U.S. Census Bureau, you will notice that the population is 88% white (URL). Any time you live in an area where the majority of the population is one specific race, you will get discriminated against. I have lived here for five years and I just got done meeting my third friend while my other two friendships barely lasted for a few months. They will glare at you, blow you off, treat you like dirt, avoid you, steal from you, vandalize your property, slash your tires, and the list goes on. If you want to feel exactly how an African American felt in the 1940's, just head on over here. If you are not of 100% white ethnicity in his place, you are FUCKED.

     Now, you're probably wondering if this concept of racism I'm explaining here is just my imagination, and I can guarantee it isn't. If people are saying stupid shit like me being a member of Al Qaeda and blowing up buildings; assuming that I am reading a Quran book without asking what my background is; touching my beard without asking; touching my skin without asking; asking if I have family in Mexico without asking what my race is; asking what Native American tribe I am in without asking what my race is; blatantly asserting that I'm not White; people getting pissed at me over very minor things such as me placing my hand near an object; and then calling the cops on me for apparently no reason when I'm just walking down the street; even an 8 year old would be able to identify that these are clearly discriminatory attitudes.

     I just got done speaking with an Arabic man who is planning on leaving Wisconsin because his children are constantly being bullied and profiled at the public schools. He said that he has made many reports to the school district, and they refuse to do anything about it because they believe that the situation is out of their hands. He then said that he knows they are lying to him and is planning on enrolling his children into home-schooling before leaving. There was also a Hispanic family that enrolled their kids into a public high school, and the teenagers were literally getting into fights almost every day. The family pulled their kids out, and put them in a private school. Again, the school refused to do anything about it, and it was another lost cause.

     I was dating a German woman here who I was apparently "engaged" to for the first three months, and her family did nothing but stereotype me, and made scapegoats when they couldn't find any other reason to put me down. Her mother even came to my face and told me that she did not want her daughter dating me, because I was Jewish/Hebrew, and they wanted her to be with her own people. Her family even made the most ridiculous assumptions that could have been seen as jokes on Comedy Central. If this is not true discrimination, then I don't know what is. I literally paused and stared at her for a moment, and couldn't believe what I was hearing. Telling these people I was non-religious was just shouting words at a brick wall.

     I am not against Whites in general, heck, I even mark "White" on employment applications, because I feel this best matches my ethnic description. It's just that the Whites here in Wisconsin have this terrible attitude issue that I did not experience in any of the other states I've lived in. I did not have this problem in California, Arizona, Florida, or Nebraska. I mean I had some rednecks here and there in Arizona that teased me about being Jewish, but they were joking when they did it. In fact, I NEVER met a White person in Arizona that racial profiled or alienated me. When they make impressions and have attitudes of what you are here in Wisconsin, they are being dead serious. It really amazes me how this race can greatly transition like this just because they're on two ends of the U.S. map, and I am flabbergasted that I am experiencing racism here because I'm part Italian. These people are totally ignorant of outside cultures and heritages.

This song should be Wisconsin's state anthem.


                                                              The Blacks

     Whites are not the only race here that discriminates, and every other race here will show prejudiced attitudes towards you. The reason why it is like this is due to all the tension that is coming from Whites, so it avalanches on other races as a result. Blacks here in Wisconsin are twice as racist as Whites, and they have no problem showing it. I have been threatened numerous times from them, cussed at, flipped off at, growled at, yelled at, discriminated, racial profiled, and have had accusations all based on very stupid things. A Black person in this state will think you are offending them if you sneeze, lock your car doors, or simply by telling them you can't help them because you're inexperienced in the area you're working in.

     I was working at a grocery store in the south side of Madison, and I had Blacks that reported me to the manager just because I could not find an item they were looking for. There were also Blacks that tried to start fights with me on the bus for absolutely no reason. This is just a basic example of what their mentality is like here, and I only experienced small portions of this in southern states.

                                                             The Jews

     Wisconsin Jews are the most racist sect of Jews I've ever seen in my life compared to the other states I've visited. They have some sort of strange belief that if your mother was not Jewish, then you can never be Jewish no matter what you do. I've read stories about people who did full conversions at the synagogues here, and they were still treated as an outcast after this was done; so basically, converting here is just a black sheep putting on white wool. I visited some of the synagogues here, and was asked many questions by the congregation; and these questions ranged from race, ancestry, heritage, and any connection with Christianity. When I lived in California and Israel, the Jews there were very warm welcoming, and did not act like this at all. They did not care that my father was Sicilian, or any of these other details that came into play. It really saddens me that the community here in Wisconsin acts this way, and I have distanced from them for this reason.

                                                The Asians and Hispanics

     The Asians here only talk among themselves, and don't care to speak to anyone else outside their circle. They either don't want to speak to you because they don't know English well, or have some sort of offensive attitude against you for some unknown reason.  We had this Asian guy above us that kept calling the cops on us for made up reasons, and we came close to getting him cited for harassment. I have seen very few Hispanics in this state, so I'm not sure why bloggers are saying that the Hispanic population is heavily increasing. As far as I know, Hispanics come to Wisconsin for temporary work, and then go back south once the snow hits.

                                                  The Native Americans

     The Native Americans here act similar to the Asians and don't really like to associate with anyone outside their circle. It seems as if they feel there is a lack of trust issues going on in this state, and tend to distance themselves from everyone else. I'm always hearing them talking about how racist this state is, and how Whites will not do business with them, because they get free money from the government. I haven't had any issues with Native Americans here except for that they seemed to get highly offended in certain situations; one example being how this gym instructor flipped out a total of 4 times on 4 different days because I accidentally missed an appointment with him. On top of that, he crossed me out on his list, and didn't care that I explained to him it was a mistake.

                                                People here discriminate

     When I mentioned that the people are "prejudice," this is not limited to race. I have been discriminated against just because of my clothing, my hair style, my hobbies, my beard, my shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of. People will HATE you just for the way you dress, look, and act a certain way. This is one of the reasons why making friends here is like looking for UFOs, and I have completely given up. I have tried opening up to people, being down to earth with them, invited them for a drink, spent time talking to them, and it does not do anything. Most of the people in general will just tell you to go away, try to use you, or just cause trouble. It never fails to be something else other than these three types of people, its absolutely amazing.

* If you walk up to people with a smile and talk to them, they will yell at you back.
* If you try to make friends, they will leech off of you for car rides, chicken wings, video games, concert tickets, or any other type of possessions you own.
* If you try to get to know someone, the person hates you for some unknown reason and will cause trouble for you. This can be anywhere from a co-worker trying to get you fired to a classmate that tells everyone you are a dumb-ass because you don't understand something.

                             Everyone here acts passive-aggressive

     For those of you that lived in the south, do you remember that loud mouthed moron that cussed at you, and then said he felt like poppin' your ass with his pistol in the back of the bar? Welcome to good 'ol Wisconsin, where people will tell you to fuck off kindly in so many words. Personally, I find this three times as annoying than an aggressive person, but everyone is different. I could write an entire book of bad encounters I've had with the snobby people here, so I'll just wrap things up quick for you. When you go out in public places, be prepared to experience sarcasm; hostile jokes; resentment; sullenness; belittling; and all this wrapped up in a nice little innuendo. Don't worry, I will enclose strategies for you to deal with the douche bags here if you have already moved, or are planning to move.

     One way to tackle this behavior is by literally telling them to go fuck themselves, and I do mean literally. I call this the "game breaker", because this will put them in the spot from personal attacks. These people have zero experience with insults and disses, so you'll have full advantage. Really, this works like gold. I once walked into a Target store, and this woman was using passive-aggressive attacks on me to work me up. I smiled and called her a "bitch", and she broke down crying as I walked away. Yep, they also called the police, and I told the cops to go fuck themselves, because I am protected by free speech. Now, if you are the person that is not able to do this, you could also ignore them. For me, ignoring someone just causes things to bottle up, so I just let it out.

     The second way to tackle their behavior is to play dumb. When someone is using passive-aggressive behavior, treat them like they're a ghost, and this will really get them worked up. Playing the "nice guy" can also work, but it could make you look like a softy. Giving them a piece of candy, winking, and letting the rain slide off your back; there are many ways to go about doing this. So yeah, just making yourself seem unaffected by their attacks combined with ignoring works wonders. I can't really type up a list with different tactics because its too broad of a subject, so you'll have to find different ways.

     Now, I will explain more in depth on their personalities combined with their attitudes. It really pisses me off how these people constantly walk around with smiles on their faces trying to hide their true colors. Every day you will see people smiling their asses off at you when in truth they just have a knife behind their back. Everyone here seems to have some type of fake personality like as if someone is performing an act on stage. People will tell you they really like you, but won't invite you to parties; will promise to go to an event with you, but will not call back; will want to date you, but then blow you off for a stupid reason; and continue to pretend to be friends with you in the process of all this. This place is literally the fucking twilight zone the moment you step foot into it. 99.5% of people you meet here will act like this, and you will feel like you're an astronaut on another planet. Because everyone is just so stuck up, self focused and self centered, its almost impossible to make friends here.

     An author at the web address ( made an argument in his blog against this. He claims that Wisconsin natives are "passive-aggressive", meaning that if they don't like you, they keep it secret and to themselves. I am going to safely say that I find it even more annoying when a person hates you but keeps it secret compared to some rowdy person that cusses at you, and then shows it in your face. This is because when a person acts "passive-aggressive" like this, it acts like a puppet that is trying to trick you in being friendly. If you have something mean or nasty to say, please say it to my damn face rather than playing games and gossiping it to other people. When you Wisconsinites act like this, you're no different than Texans swearing and yelling out "Nigger" and "Jew". So if you guys are reading this, I have no problem telling you all to fuck off with this ridiculous shit.

     The author also claimed that Wisconsinites are deeply compassionate, and this is completely false. If you people are so compassionate, why is it that you guys don't like to be by someone's side when things go bad? A compassionate person isn't someone who just opens the door for you, gives you a piece of candy, and then heads home for the day. A compassionate person is someone who is there for you, and is someone you can trust, meaning a good friend. Since you people fail to meet this standard, you guys are not compassionate at all. You all are strangers to me, and that's it.

     It's impossible to make friends here due to weird cultural reasons

     Wisconsin has a very weird culture here that I really could not understand the moment I stepped into this state. The people here will become offended if you briefly ask to hang out with them, and then they'll think you're a stalker or pedophile in the process. The people here are very old fashioned, and they believe that you should only hang out with family members. In the south, making friends is very easy due to the southern hospitality you would often get. When I was in Arizona, I met a total of about 15 people, and this happened in a matter of several months. These people were not Face Book friends, they were people I was actually spending time with. In Wisconsin, I only met 1 person per year, and the friendships lasted for only about 1 or 2 months. Wisconsinites will deny this cultural belief if you show them this evidence to their face, because they're all in denial. These people seriously believe that a "friend" is a person on your Face Book page, or some guy you spoke to behind the counter at Best Buy. If you Wisconsinites seriously believe that this is a friend, I am going to honestly say that this is very sad.

     If any of you Wisconsinites are reading this, understand that a friend is a person that helps you and is by your side. Shutting doors on people and telling them to go away is what you guys do here on a daily basis, so no, you're not making friends by doing this in my book. Go ahead and deny this all you want, you people know exactly what point I am making here. Thanks to you all having this state's image full of ass hats and douche bags, its no wonder why its referred to the cheese state. Your personalities, beliefs, and culture make absolutely no sense, and this is the symbolic image that is embedded into your state's motto. You people are only hurting others acting like this, and many people in Wisconsin have no friends or family for this matter. When you turn your computer off tonight after reading this, remember my exact words in your head before you go to sleep.

                     #3. Everyone here is only into sports 

     I am a gamer; I enjoy playing video games, and it is my favorite hobby. What really frustrates me about Wisconsin is that finding someone that is into anything besides football is close to non-existent. This state is stuck in the 1900's where the only thing everyone wants to do is drink beer at the local pub and watch the game. If you are a guy that's into video games, Anime, board games, card collecting, swimming, or walking, you are literally screwed. Whenever I walk outside my house, people only talk about these four things: football, baseball, drinking, and the legal system. Getting into a conversation about something else other than sports is IMPOSSIBLE. If you even tell someone here that you are not into sports, they will think something is wrong with you and will sometimes label you as a "square" or "nerd".

This is the response you will get when you tell people you aren't into football.


     The entire five years that I have lived here, I have only met around four people that were into video games which is absolutely terrible because Madison is a college town. I don't personally mind football or going to a stadium to watch it, but when people talk about it 24/7 and don't wish to focus their conversations on anything else, it gets very annoying and frustrating. The only way you are ever going to succeed here if you are not a sports fan is by joining some type of club that specializes in the activity that you are looking for. And good luck making friends there since 99% of the people here speak to you for 5 minutes and then head home.

     Experiencing this problem in Wisconsin makes me feel how much I miss living in California. Finding a person there that wasn't into video games or movies was pretty much non-existent. As much as I miss that place, I most likely will never be able to return due to how bad that state has gone down the toilet since the 1970's with its economy and education system. Since California is currently ranked #1 as hardest state to find a job, moving back there would just be a death trap (URL). It really just brings tears to my eyes that I cannot live in my home state and enjoy the culture I once grew up with. Even if I graduate somewhere else with a high paying job, moving back there would still be a death trap. Another problem with California is the excessive growth of Hispanic population that does not speak English, and I just got done reading some guy's blog about how he can't even understand anyone half the time he steps outside his house.

I guess being into this makes me a goddamn dweeb in Wisconsin.


                  #4. There are too many Atheists here

     A large portion of the people that reside here are Atheists. I don't go around trying to impose my beliefs on everyone, but I find it annoying how a lot of people talk to me about evolution and try to convince me on Darwinism. If you are of any religion such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddha, Islam, Christian, or Catholic, people will think of you as "crazy." My best guess of why so many people here are Atheists is because Wisconsin is ranked #2 for its gay and lesbian community (which is right behind San Francisco). Gays are usually shunned away by the religious communities, so it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on here. If you want to talk to someone about religion, be sure to realize that a random person in public, a classmate, or a co-worker is a horrible choice. You will need to join your religious community in order to have proper fellowship.

     Gays in Wisconsin only annoy me for the way they act, not the way they are. I don't care if a gay couple gets married in the U.S., because its not harming me, my family, nor my property in any way. One thing that just bugs me about the gays I've encountered is mainly their attitudes towards people who are not of the LGBT community. I have overheard conversations of them blaming society for the way this country runs, and how religion is ruining their freedom. The funny thing about this is that they seriously think that "straight Christians" are the cause of them suffering discrimination in this country when America was not even founded on Christianity in the first place. When I took up American history, I do not remember the forefathers being Bible thumping preachers that went around shooting people that refused to bow to Jesus. Christianity isn't even mentioned anywhere in the U.S. Constitution, and I don't consider the word "god" Christian since that word did not originate from Christianity.

     Yes, it is true that I did say that I was non-religious at the beginning of this blog, and that my upbringing was Judaism. I just find it highly annoying that these gays here in Wisconsin have to create scapegoats to argue and justify why their groups are having a tough time in the U.S. Not all decisions by the government are made by religion either, some are made based on human moral codes. There are more people born straight in the world than gays due to genetics in the human body, and this is one example of how moral laws started. The government should just hurry up and pass the gay marriage law in this state, because I'm just sick and tired of the constant complaining and finger pointing that is going on.

    Going back to Atheists; whenever you get into conversations, people will try to convince you that there is no God, hell doesn't exist, say that you came from monkeys, and then mention that the earth is 6 billion years old. They constantly ask me to prove that God exists, yet they tell me they don't even know the origin of how the universe began. I am really tired of their unicorn and Santa Clause straw men fallacies since these two examples are completely different from the subject. They claim that the universe is eternal, but this really is no different from someone saying that God/creator is eternal. These type of arguments remind me of two people arguing why a rainbow is beautiful or not; it will never get solved, because both people will have different views on it.

                  #5. Wisconsin will troll you with popularity

     One thing I cannot understand about these people is that every 15 minutes I see someone wearing a shirt based on a video game, band, or movie, yet they have absolutely no idea what the hell it is about. If you even try to talk to someone about the history behind the shirt they are wearing, they will look at you like they are confused. It seems as if people are trolling you in a way, and they are only wearing the shirt because they are trying to wear something popular. If you were to walk down the street wearing a shirt that was of a popular video game or movie such as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, I would bet $100 that the average person would not be able to successfully acknowledge what those titles really are about.

     For example; I was attending a college math course and I wrote "Operation Raccoon City sucks" on the board before class, because I was dissatisfied about the game. My class had a total of 25 people and not one person could even identify what the game was based on. When I was on vacation in Florida, two people identified my Raccoon City shirt and I was only there for no more than a week. Another example was when I was in a Wal-Mart and there was this guy wearing an NES Punch-Out shirt. I asked if he played the game, and he looked at me like he was confused and couldn't answer the question. I'm not saying that everyone should be into video games and movies, I've just never seen a society that doesn't have the slightest idea of very common titles that appear in stores all over the nation.

I would literally laugh my ass off if a Wisconsinite appeared on Millionaire with this question listed under $100.

                                    #6. No culture

     The travel guides will fool you mentioning that there is culture here by showing pictures of farms and cheese factories. In my opinion, farms and cheese factories should not count as culture because you can literally find this in your average state. This is nothing but stupidity and I seriously want to strangle these fucking idiots making these travel guides that are saying this. There is nothing exciting about Wisconsin, its very boring with a bunch of grassy hills, cows, farms, and politics. The Dells (which is a large attraction area) gets OLD after the fourth time you've visited there and have done everything. If you are into clubbing, racing, night life, competitive tournaments, and glamor, it does not exist here and you are screwed. Living in this state reminds me of when Marty got stuck in Back to the Future.

     The same author recently posted a blog that was attempting to counter my arguments, and you can find him here at ( He claims that my argument is false for the fact that Wisconsin has art museums, shows, comedy clubs, poetry slams, and music festivals. I really actually laughed at him when he listed these, because these are just basic attractions that you can find in literally any state. I have lived in (and visited) many different states including California, Florida, Arizona, and Nebraska, and I have seen art museums, shows, comedy clubs, poetry slams, and music festivals in literally all of them.

     When it comes to a state having a specific type of culture, it should have something that makes it special and stand out. California is known for its massive entertainment and movie industries, Nevada is known for its large casino industry, and Texas is known for their largest water parks and rodeo attractions. Do you see how each of these three states have at least one thing that makes their state stand out? Wisconsin fails at doing this. Based on what this guy stated on his blog, it would be like me easily saying that Arizona has "culture" because it has McDonald's, the movies, golf, and many Wal-Mart stores. And if you're the author reading all this, I challenge you to construct a better argument. You sir, are an idiot. :)

This picture was the 8th picture to appear on Google Images after I typed in "Wisconsin culture".

                                                                 The Dells

     Wisconsin wasn't joking when they said they were the cheese state. This state is cheesy alright, and the Dells is a prime example that fits this state's motto very nice. Everyone talks about how the Dells is such a nice place, and its a place where rich people go to blow all their money. It looks like a low grade attraction area in Shanghai with cheap props and set ups designed to rob all your hard earned money. Check this out; my family and I payed a total of about $35 to go to this attraction called The Lost Temple. Keep in mind that this attraction is not just based towards children, but for adults as well. When we got inside this place, all we saw were a few puppets that popped out of shadows, a man's head talking in a box, and our tour guide vanishing in a room after the lights went out. I don't even need to elaborate further on why this is a rip off.

     There are several types of other attractions that have this same cheap set up in order to rip off your money. I dare you to take a look at this basic list of what consists here at the Dells, its really hilarious.

* Wizard Quest is a place for children, but they make it look like its for families at the entrance. All it consists of is a maze full of clues that will drive you mad, and even make you jump in ball pits, and crawl under tight spaces.

* Knuckleheads is just a Chuck E Cheese clone, and that's it. If you like hitting puppets with a ball, just head over here.

* Haunted Mansion is just a long dark hallway with a guy whispering. I am being dead serious, this is literally the attraction once you enter.

 * Zombie Apocalypse has workers dressed as zombies running at you while you are pointing a laser gun. The problem here is that the size of this building is no bigger than a Radio Shack.

     Anyone that has been to Disney World, Universal Studios, and Six Flags will realize that these are not real attractions. These are just cheap low budget shacks that are a money making spot in Wisconsin to attract tourists and natives because this place just sucks so damn hard.


     After visiting Madison, Janesville, Appleton, Green Bay, and other horrid counties in this state, I'd like to present Milwaukee. After driving through this place for the first time, I literally leaned my head on my car steering wheel in laughter at how pathetic this place was. Stay tuned to this section, I will be updating it soon.

                                     #7. No work

     Finding a job is a JOKE. When I first moved up here in '06, I spent SEVEN MONTHS looking for a minimum wage job and the only places that were willing to hire me was Wal-Mart and McDonald's. I tried applying at other jobs such as Loss Prevention, Mall Security, and Hospital Clerk, which just landed me a paper on top of everyone else. Every single job I went to had nothing but stacks upon stacks of applicants that were trying to get the same position, roughly taking the recruiter two weeks of going through them. Your chances of getting a job here is like a snowflake in Satan's cauldron because of all the college kids, plus the ones that have more experience than you do. Employers will also discriminate against you if you are middle aged or older. I myself had attended a community lecture here with a room full of older men and women that have been out of work for years in this state.
                                   #8. Bad winters

     The winters up here are absolutely atrocious. If you want to live in a state where you get 8 months of snow with nothing but blizzards and shoveling yourself out, this is the place for you. There was a time we got hit with a blizzard so bad that the snow came up to our waists, and we had to dig a path. When I was working at Wal-Mart after this blizzard hit, our entire parking lot looked like Doomsday with garbage cans and other objects laying around. One manager, and one other employee and I were the only ones that showed up for the first few hours, and I had to dig a pathway around the store.
                         #9. Terrible place for dating

     The women here are very stuck up, and will blow you off the moment you show interest in them. In the south, I've noticed what attracts women is cars and money. Here, that has no effect at all. If you come strolling up here in a Lamborghini with spinning rims and money pouring out of your ass like a waterfall, it will not matter to these women. The reason why is because Wisconsin is an "all rich state," meaning that most of the people are already wealthy and have money. My fiancee's father is a lawyer that is the co-owner of the company he works for, and her mother is a registered nurse. Unlike southern states that are loaded with poor people, this state is the complete opposite. If you come up here looking for a date, you need to be ready to kiss these women's asses, because they will drop you over any little thing they dislike about you.

     I can literally go on and on in this section about all the stupid reasons of why I was turned down, ranging from me not believing in Jesus to being home schooled. I really don't understand why the women here are so picky with whom they want to date, and why all these tiny little details are such a big deal to them. I did not have this problem in southern states; I just hooked up with a woman for a date, and that was it. When I was living in Arizona, I was the most popular guy in the remote area, and women literally lined up to date me. I lived here for years, and all of my hook ups were either joke sessions, or completely pointless in general. I seriously cannot understand the way women think here, and it is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube. You spend hours and hours trying to solve this puzzle, and you wonder why you're doing this shit when you could be doing something else more productive. You eventually finally smash the goddamn thing on the floor, watching all the pieces scurry in every direction, and are satisfied doing this.

     I only have two theories of why I had nothing but terrible luck, because it doesn't make sense that everything took a drastic change when I switched states. My first theory is that Whites in Wisconsin are against racial mixing, and when the majority of women see me, they psychologically don't want to date me for this reason. Being Sicilian technically is considered White, but because Wisconsin's White population is mostly all German and English, this makes anyone with another shade of White automatically look like a minority. I read in a sociology book that European Whites have held beliefs against racial mixing, and this was very strong during the Nazi movements in World War II. I am starting to strongly believe that this theory may be correct for the fact racial mixing here is practically non-existent. Hearing that I'm also part Hebrew, they might as well have a red siren that goes off. If my fiancee's mother came to my face and told me she didn't want her daughter being with me because I was Jewish, there is no secret to what is going on here.

     Although the U.S. census claims Wisconsin is 88% White, there is still a portion of other races here. The entire time I lived here, it was rare for me to see a couple that were two races dating. This is very sickening to me, and its just another example of how close minded everyone here is. Unlike southern states like California and Florida, mixed racial dating was actually considered a norm. Up here, I've also seen people stare at couples that were two different races as if they just saw something from another planet. Every single time I hear two races dating, they're also always telling me how their families hate each other as well due to racial reasons. Wow wee, this place is just incredible. With this type of shit going on here, Martin Luther King must be rolling in his grave.

     So yeah, having dark skin in Wisconsin definitely isn't something exotic. After some heavy researching, I came to realize that a person has higher chances getting dates if their race is exotic to the location they live in. When I lived in New Zealand temporarily, I remembered I was popular just mainly for being an American. A friend of mine that had blonde hair was highly popular when he went to Japan, because of the lack of blondes over there. These statistics aren't lying at all, and it makes perfect sense.

     The second theory I have is that there is some sort of cultural issue going on with women here. These women seem to select men like they're browsing for a car at the dealership, and then pick and choose exactly what qualities they're looking for. Having money may not be the only reason why this happens, but it could also be just the way they were raised. Southern women have typically been viewed as "sluts", and this is due to southern culture. They're not selective with whom they date, so they'll practically date any man as long as they find him attractive with the common southern wants. My conclusion to this theory is that Wisconsin women were raised more strictly with the men they encounter, and I can't really explain it more than this. To put it in a plain and simple example, putting a Wisconsin woman next to a southern woman would be like putting a church girl next to the biker girl that smokes on the street corner.

No longer will I have to feel like this at the end of the day after leaving this horrid place.


    Another thing that frustrates me about the women in this state is their stereotypical views on men. Every time I turned the corner at my job or school, I always heard women gossiping about men in the most ridiculous conversations. These conversations consisted of men being sexual whore-mongers, truck greasers, control freaks, and sexists. They also have this attitude where they try to position themselves higher than men on jobs, politics, and school rankings with the way they act. In other words, they don't have this type of attitude out of rude arrogance, but as if this is some politically correct shit. I'm not saying that men are better than women, but there really is no need for this. I was very highly offended after this experience, and I am safely going to say that women disrespect men here in general.

     If men were "sex whore-mongers," then marriage would not exist. Men are not tigers prowling around for sex all day; you women are really fucking retarded, and I'm getting pissed just typing this up. Men have a heart just like women do, and we want to be in relationships as well. We want to have children just like you all do, and we want to experience emotion. We don't sit on our asses all day fucking around under trucks, we do thousands of other productive things during the day just like you all do. We are not control freaks either, so please stop pulling this feminist card just because statistics are different for men on pay scales and political stances.

     With the amount of sexism, racism, and cultural focused views that are constantly rampant throughout this state, I feel like I am living in the damn 1950's. It is no wonder why people in California constantly made jokes about the states up here, and I'm surprised all the jokes actually fit. When it comes to liberalism, this state puts California to great shame. This type of shit doesn't happen in the west; I mean, you may see sexism and discrimination going on in the western and southern states, but not to this extent. If any of you Wisconsinites have read this entire blog up to here; I am so glad it has reached thousands of hits, because I'm finally exposing how nasty your state is to the entire nation.

           #10. People act like the schools here are the best

     People constantly talk about how good the schools are up here and act like they are the best in the nation when this is untrue. The schools up here are NOT the best in the nation since I've noticed that Wisconsin ranks #10 on "most" sources I've seen while schools in Massachusetts almost always rank #1, and Indiana sometimes ranks #5. Since I've noticed that a lot of websites tend to show biased results based on education rankings, I'm not going to bother posting a source to back it up. For example, this source (URL) ranked Wisconsin at 35th place for gold and silver medals. Some sources will also rank based on attendance and graduation rates which will not necessarily make my point valid either. Based on personal experience living in this state for years, I'm safely going to say that this state's education system does not beat Massachusetts. 

     The University of Wisconsin is a racist hell hole that will put you in a class with 600 people while you can rarely ever get a chance to speak with your instructor. The campuses are too far away from each other, and the driving distance between them is a major problem. The teachers here are being underpaid, and don't help you that much for this reason. There was even a time a teacher gave me five F grades in his class for literally no reason, but most likely to try and piss me off. I spoke to the dean about this situation, and I dropped the class. Madison College is not robbing me from any more of my hard earned money if they're going to have teachers that have this sort of conduct.

                                         Closing comments

     To ANYONE that is reading this Blog, please PLEASE do not move to Wisconsin. If you do, you are making a terrible mistake. If you don't want to be constantly harassed by the police; get treated as a ghost; face terrible winters; have trouble making friends; trouble finding work; and want to be respected as a human being; DO NOT move to this state. EVERYTHING that I am telling you in this Blog is 100% true and I would not be typing this all up for no reason. There are better states to move to other than wasting your time here. If you are a resident of Wisconsin and you are reading this, I just want to let you know that you are not crazy. You are completely normal for going on Google and typing those keywords you just did into the search bar. Get the hell out of this state as fast as you can, it does not get better. Good luck.

- JoshCube