Sunday, June 10, 2012

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You probably stumbled upon this using the Google search while trying to find out about all the pros and cons about this place. I am here today to explain to you why this is one of the worst states to live in the United States, and why I left this state after getting sick of the bullshit here. If you are wondering what the hell happened to humanity upon the type of people that live here, you are not alone and you are sane. I am going to go through several reasons about why you should not move to Wisconsin and why you should stay the hell away from this place. Trust me, it will drive you mad.

       #1. Wisconsin is the biggest police state in America

For those of you that think California has too much police, this state wins hands down. When my mom and I first moved up here, we were impressed with how low the state's crime was because we moved from Arizona which is ranked #1 for crime in the U.S. You're probably thinking that living in a state with low crime is good because you won't have to deal with troublesome criminals every day. Believe me, a low crime state is just as bad as a high crime state. I have seen the FBI here, Riot Police, SWAT teams, Sheriff cars, police trucks, and just about every police department in existence. Here are some reasons below explaining why this is a bad thing.

                            You will be harassed a lot

I was raised by a strict Jewish family, and my parents kept me out of gangs, away from drug users, and encouraged me to socialize with decent people. I have never been in any trouble with the police until I moved up to this state, constantly having an officer harass me for little or no reason. Because there is no crime here and the police are bored, they have nothing else better to do but to constantly stop and question people over any little thing they see. Not only that, but the police are very corrupt here. One example was when my mom and I were at a small town called Liverpool and some kid lied to two officers by saying that I was trying to break into his car. This had happened after I walked out of a McDonald's carrying a soft drink because my grandmother needed to take her medication. They stopped and asked me "why I was attempting to break into his car" without even asking for my side of the story. Now as far as my knowledge of the law, it is very poor police conduct to accuse someone of a crime before asking any questions. Any officer in their right mind would interrogate a suspect about a crime before jumping to conclusions and making assumptions based on what the victim said. I couldn't believe how poorly trained these officers were, and I felt like I was being alienated. Not only that, but they made me dump my soft drink out on the ground saying that I was "stealing" it because I walked off the property. The police are not the owners of the McDonald's and they do not know if I had received permission to refill the soda; and using police powers on a person where the situation is not associated with legalities is actually considered police misconduct. Having me dump out my soda based on an assumption is poor police conduct as well. I couldn't even believe my ears when one of the cops asked me if I took any salt packets out of the store. I just figured they were doing this on purpose to antagonize me, which is why I tried to brush the whole thing off.

Now, lets stop here for a moment. You just read this first paragraph, right? This is just an example of what happens every single day here, and trust me, it will drive you ape shit. Any time you live in a state that has a large amount of police that go around stopping people for shit like this, it is time to move. You can go to the Sheriff's office and file a complaint, it will not do any good because this stuff happens all the time here with a different officer. It does not matter if you are minding your own business while walking down the street and whistling a fine tune. The police will watch you here like a hawk and the moment you even do anything, you get stopped for it.  If you want to live in a state where the cops will:

  • Follow you home for little or no reason;
  • Ring your doorbell at 5AM asking random questions;
  • Abuse their powers by bossing you around when you're not breaking the law;
  • Pull you over for running a stop sign in an apartment complex; 
  • Stop and question you when you're jogging at night, because they think you did something wrong;
  • Send you letters in the mail asking for donations and jury duty;
  • Call your house at 10PM because someone reported you for a really stupid reason;
  • Threaten to jail you for refusing to speak after witnessing a crime;
  • Drive behind your car to check your sticker; run your plate through the computer; check your car for any faulty noises or appearances; and then drive behind you for five fucking minutes to see if you tap a construction cone or go over the dashed white line;

then this is the place for you. This stuff happens every single day, and it does not get better. Whenever I see police act like this, it makes me think how much I would love to see them patrol areas such as downtown Los Angeles and Detroit. When you live in an area that has a lot of crime or moderate-level crime, you NEVER have to deal with cops like this. Now lets continue.

                         Everyone here is 911-trigger-happy

I literally get into a conversation here about the police and the legal system every week that goes by. There are so much cops here that people can't even talk about a different subject outside of police unless however it is football or drinking beer. The people here are very rude and will call the cops on you for little or no reason just for revenge, or because they "believe a crime has been committed." Let me give you an example; there was a time when one of my family members called an Outback Steakhouse restaurant because of an item he left back there in the bathroom. Because he has a speech impairment, people sometimes do not take him seriously on the phone. So anyway, he kept getting hung up on and I had to call for him to speak to the manager. I explained the situation and the manager was very rude on the phone, and acted like he didn't care. When I asked him if they could find the item, they put me on hold and I didn't get a call back. About fifteen minutes later, a cop called my phone saying that I was "harassing them", because we kept calling after they hung up the second time. I was angered because of this, and told the officer I didn't want to continue speaking to him. He then laughed on the phone and then said "Well.....I don't want to charge you with anything" and "don't make me come over to your house and ticket you." I told him that I couldn't believe that they would call the police over something like this, and then mentioned that I was going to call Outback HQ. I called HQ and spoke to the manager, and he called me back saying that the restaurant called the police because they thought they were about to get robbed. I asked him why, and he said it was because we kept telling them to check the restrooms. Now, lets stop here again for a moment.

A restaurant, fearing they were about to be robbed, called the cops on us because I asked them politely to check the restrooms for an item. This is just an example of how everyone here is 911-trigger-happy and will report you even just over small assumptions. There was no need for the police to be called on us because nobody was threatened or in any danger. The only reason they did this to us is because they got pissed off when we kept calling back, and thought we were wasting their time. And yes, this happens pretty much every day here and will drive you ape shit. Why do people do this? The answer is because its a police state, enough said.

                                Terrible state laws

Some of the state laws here are absolutely terrible, and they are designed to protect the police or some sort of private party. Let me first start off by mentioning the Disorderly Conduct law here. The statute is as follows:

"WI Statute 947.01: Disorderly Conduct. Whoever, in a public or private place, engages in violent, abusive, indecent, profane, boisterous, unreasonably loud, or otherwise disorderly conduct under circumstances in which the conduct tends to cause or provoke a disturbance is guilty of a Class B misdemeanor."

Do you see how loosely written this statute is? This means that I can get arrested for:
  • Swearing in a public area (yes, a few naughty words lands you in jail);
  • A conduct that tends to cause or provoke a disturbance (this can literally be anything);
  • Someone "believing" I am being violent;
  • Someone "believing" I am being loud;
  • Disorderly (Seriously, what the fuck does this fall under?);
In reality, what this law means is that you can get charged for pretty much any action you do. Here is an example; if you walk into a Wal-Mart, say "Fuck You" two times and then flip someone off, you now have an infraction or misdemeanor on your record. You can sit up here with this "freedom of speech" shit all day and it will not work in this state. The MOMENT you cuss at someone, raise your voice, or stomp the ground, the police will come in two minutes and slap the cuffs on you, causing you to pay a fine. The noise and actions DO NOT need to be repetitive or for a prolonged period of time. Because of how loosely written this law is, it can be complicated to fight it in court and police will abuse it all the time. For example; my fiancee and I were having an argument inside our apartment, and the cops came to our door and arrested me saying I was "being disorderly". I asked them to go into detail, and they said that any call of a disturbance always involves an arrest. So for two lousy minutes of raising my voice at my fiancee that was not even prolonged or repetitive, I had to go to court over this charge. I spoke to a lawyer about this incident, and he told me that poor police discretion was used in this situation. I went to court and pleaded not guilty to get the charge dropped.

Another incident was when I was in a McDonald's and there were two African American guys that started badmouthing the police force when these two cops walked in. The cops told them to stop and the men turned around telling them that they weren't going to because it was freedom of speech. The cops then grabbed the men while they tried to escape, and then used pepper spray on them as they ran out the door. Another example of this bullshit that happens here, and another example of abusive power. There is no law in the United States that prevents you from talking bad about the police in a public area. Guess what the cops charged the men with? Disorderly Conduct.

Another incident was when a group of five men walked into a Culver's restaurant armed with handguns, and an old lady called the police on them. The cops came and asked them to show their licenses to carry weapons, and they refused (which they are allowed to). The cops charged them with Disorderly Conduct, because they couldn't think of any other charge to give them, and the men fought it in court.

Just like I briefly mentioned above, Wisconsin also has a domestic law that forces police to arrest a party even if one party is not willing to press charges. For example; one of my friends here was rooming with three other people and she was arrested after defending herself when they jumped her. When a neighbor called the police and the officer investigated, he was forced to arrest her on his discretion. The neighbor didn't even want to press charges and was just calling because of the noise. Some states have laws that allow an officer to decide if they should arrest a party, and that doesn't happen here. A similar incident happened after my mom dialed 911 because we thought a man was injured in our apartment hallway. When police showed up, they found out he was drunk and arrested him. I told them that nobody was pressing charges, and they said he violated the state law.

Please bring some extra cash with you in Wisconsin just in case the police arrest you for an imaginary crime you never committed. You may need to bail yourself out.

          More evidence that Wisconsin is the #1 police state

Go on Google and start typing questions that have anything to do with the U.S. law, you will get four top contributors of Yahoo Answers. Guess where they are all located in? You guessed it, Wisconsin. That right there is another obvious sign that this state is the biggest police state. Why is it that none of the top contributors are located in New York or California? What about Florida?

Now, if you have read this Blog all the way up to here and have any brains, you would stay the hell away from this damn place. I cannot stress myself to any of the poor souls that move up here to this hell hole. For the fact that I have to sit down in a chair and type up a Blog this long shows you that I am already tired of what is going on here. This is just the police here, wait till you get a load of the people.

                                 #2. The people

                            The people are prejudice

I am getting sick and tired of people pointing fingers at southern states for being prejudice, such as California, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, and Florida. The reason why southern states stand out more is because of the high crime and racial violence you constantly see in the news. After living in both southern and mid-western states, I can safely say that Wisconsin is more racist. A person does not need to show violence in order to make it obvious that they are bring prejudice towards you.

I am part Sicilian, part Hebrew, and have been recognized as a "Jewish Italian Guy" in both California and Arizona. Ever since I moved up here in 2006, I have been completely alienated, discriminated against, and racial profiled because I have dark skin. If you have just a drop of any minority ethnicity in you, whether it is Asian, Black, Hispanic, Hebrew, Arabic, Sicilian, purple, or green, everyone here treats you as an outcast. If you check the U.S. Census Bureau, you will notice that the population is 86% white. Any time you live in an area where the majority of the population is one specific race, you will get discriminated against. I have lived here for five years and I just got done meeting my third friend while my other two friendships barely lasted for a few months. People will glare at you, blow you off, treat you like dirt, avoid you, steal from you, vandalize your property, slash your tires, and the list goes on. If you want to feel exactly how an African American felt in the 1940's, just head on over here. If you are not of 100% white ethnicity in his place, you are FUCKED.

I just got done speaking with an Arabic man who is planning on leaving Wisconsin because his children are constantly being bullied and profiled at the public schools. He said that he has made many reports to the school district, and they refuse to do anything about it because they believe that the situation is out of their hands. He then said that he knows they are lying to him and is planning on enrolling his children into home-schooling before leaving.

                                                People here discriminate

When I mentioned that the people are "prejudice," this is not limited to race. I have been discriminated against just because of my clothing, my hair style, my hobbies, my beard, my shoes, and pretty much anything you can think of. People will HATE you just for the way you dress, look, and act a certain way. This is one of the reasons why making friends here is like looking for UFOs, and I have completely given up. I have tried opening up to people, being down to earth with them, invited them for a drink, spent time talking to them, and it does not do anything. Most of the people in general will just tell you to go away, try to use you, or just cause trouble. It never fails to be something else other than these three types of people, its absolutely amazing.

* If you walk up to people with a smile and talk to them, they will yell at you back.
* If you try to make friends, they will leech off of you for car rides, chicken wings, video games, concert tickets, or any other type of possessions you own.
* If you try to get to know someone, the person hates you for some unknown reason and will cause trouble for you. This can be anywhere from a co-worker trying to get you fired to a classmate that tells everyone you are a dumb-ass because you don't understand something.

             Deep down inside, everyone hates you but tries to hide it

It really pisses me off how these people constantly walk around with smiles on their faces trying to hide their true colors. Every day you will see people smiling their asses off at you when in truth they just have a knife behind their back. Everyone here seems to have some type of fake personality like as if someone is performing an act on stage. People will tell you they really like you, but won't invite you to parties; will promise to go to an event with you, but will not call back; will want to date you, but then blow you off for a stupid reason; and continue to pretend to be friends with you in the process of all this. This place is literally the fucking twilight zone the moment you step foot into it. 99.5% of people you meet here will act like this, and you will feel like you're an astronaut on another planet. Because everyone is just so stuck up, self focused and self centered, its almost impossible to make friends here.

                     #3. Everyone here is only into sports 

I am a gamer; I enjoy playing video games, and it is my favorite hobby. What really frustrates me about Wisconsin is that finding someone that is into anything besides football is close to non-existent. This state is stuck in the 1900's where the only thing everyone wants to do is drink beer at the local pub and watch the game. If you are a guy that's into video games, Anime, board games, card collecting, swimming, or walking, you are literally screwed. Whenever I walk outside my house, people only talk about these four things: football, baseball, drinking, and the legal system. Getting into a conversation about something else other than sports is IMPOSSIBLE. If you even tell someone here that you are not into sports, they will think something is wrong with you and will sometimes label you as a "square/nerd." The entire five years that I have lived here, I have only met around four people that were into video games which is absolutely terrible because Madison is a college town. I don't personally mind football or going to a stadium to watch it, but when people talk about it 24/7 and don't wish to focus their conversations on anything else, it gets very annoying and frustrating. The only way you are ever going to succeed here if you are not a sports fan is by joining some type of club that specializes in the activity that you are looking for. And good luck making friends there since 99% of the people here speak to you for 5 minutes and then head home.

                           #4. Religion is frowned upon

A large portion of the people that reside here are Atheists. I don't go around trying to impose my beliefs on everyone, but I find it annoying how a lot of people talk to me about evolution and try to convince me on Darwinism. If you are of any religion such as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddha, Islam, Christian, or Catholic, people will think of you as "crazy." My best guess of why so many people here are Atheists is because Wisconsin is ranked #2 for its gay and lesbian community (which is right behind San Francisco). Gays are usually shunned away by the religious communities, so it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on here.  Whenever you get into conversations, people will try to convince you that there is no God, hell doesn't exist, say that you came from monkeys, and then mention that the earth is 6 billion years old. If you want to talk to someone about religion, realize that a random person in public, a classmate, or a co-worker is a horrible choice. You will need to join your religious community in order to have proper fellowship.
                  #5. Wisconsin will troll you with its attire

One thing I cannot understand about these people is that every 15 minutes I see someone wearing a shirt based on a video game, band, or movie, yet they have absolutely no idea what the hell it is about. If you even try to talk to someone about the history behind the shirt they are wearing, they will look at you like they are confused. It seems as if people are trolling you in a way, and they are only wearing the shirt because they are trying to wear something popular. If you were to walk down the street wearing a shirt that was of a popular video game such as Resident Evil or Metal Gear, I would bet $100 that the average person would not be able to successfully acknowledge what those games really are about. For example; I was attending a college math course and I wrote "Operation Raccoon City sucks" on the board before class, because I was dissatisfied about the game. My class had a total of 25 people and not one person could even identify what the game was based on. When I was on vacation in Florida, two people identified my Raccoon City shirt and I was only there for no more than a week. Another example was when I was in a Wal-Mart and there was this guy wearing an NES Punch-Out shirt. I asked if he played the game, and he looked at me like he was confused and couldn't answer the question.
                                    #6. No culture

The travel guides will fool you mentioning that there is culture here by showing pictures of farms and cheese factories. In my opinion, farms and cheese factories should not count as culture because you can literally find this in your average state. This is nothing but stupidity and I seriously want to strangle these fucking idiots making these travel guides that are saying this. There is nothing exciting about Wisconsin, its very boring with a bunch of grassy hills, cows, farms, and politics. The Dells (which is a large attraction area) gets OLD after the fourth time you've visited there and have done everything. If you are into clubbing, racing, night life, tournaments, and glamor, it does not exist here and you are screwed. This state is totally stuck in the 1900's, and since I've been living here, it has felt like when Marty got stuck in Back To The Future.
                                     #7. No work

Finding a job is a JOKE. When I first moved up here in '06, I spent SEVEN MONTHS looking for a minimum wage job and the only places that were willing to hire me was Wal-Mart and McDonald's. I tried applying at other jobs such as Loss Prevention, Mall Security, and Hospital Clerk, which just landed me a paper on top of everyone else. Every single job I went to had nothing but stacks upon stacks of applicants that were trying to get the same position, roughly taking the recruiter two weeks of going through them. Your chances of getting a job here is like a snowflake in Satan's cauldron because of all the college kids, plus the ones that have more experience than you do. Employers will also discriminate against you if you are middle aged or older. I myself had attended a community lecture here with a room full of older men and women that have been out of work for years in this state.
                                   #8. Bad winters

The winters up here are absolutely atrocious. If you want to live in a state where you get 8 months of snow with nothing but blizzards and shoveling yourself out, this is the place for you. There was a time we got hit with a blizzard so bad that the snow came up to our waists, and we had to dig a path. When I was working at Wal-Mart after this blizzard hit, our entire parking lot looked like Doomsday with garbage cans and other objects laying around. One manager, and one other employee and I were the only ones that showed up for the first few hours, and I had to dig a pathway around the store.
                         #9. Terrible place for dating

The women here are very stuck up, and will blow you off the moment you show interest in them. In the south, I've noticed what attracts women is cars and money. Here, that has no effect at all. If you even come strolling up here in a Lamborghini with spinning rims and money pouring out of your ass like a waterfall, it will not matter to these women. The reason why is because Wisconsin is an "all rich state," meaning that most of the people are already wealthy and have money. My fiancee's father is a lawyer that is the co-owner of the company he works for, and her mother is a registered nurse. Unlike southern states that are loaded with poor people, this state is the complete opposite. If you come up here looking for a date, you need to be ready to kiss these women's asses, because they will drop you over any little thing they dislike about you. I can literally go on and on in this section about all the stupid reasons of why I was turned down, ranging from me not believing in Jesus to being home-schooled. I really don't understand why the women here are so picky with whom they want to date, and why all these tiny little details are such a big deal to them. I did not have this problem in southern states; I just hooked up with a woman for a date, and that was it. When I was living in Arizona, I met a whole bunch of different women that liked me. I lived here for three years, and did not meet a single person. If there is a God out there, just please nuke this fucking shit hole. I'm almost at the point I would care less if every miserable cunt just died here.

      #10. "Wisconsin schools are the best, BLAH BLAH BLAH"

People constantly talk about how good the schools are up here and act like they are the best in the nation when this is untrue. The schools up here cannot be the best in the nation since I've noticed that Wisconsin ranks #10 on "most" sources I've seen while schools near Harvard University almost always rank #1, and Indiana usually ranks #5. The University of Wisconsin is a racist hell hole that will put you in a class with 600 people while you can rarely ever get a chance to speak with your instructor. The campuses are too far away from each other, and the driving distance between them is a major problem. The teachers here are being underpaid, and don't help you that much for this reason. There was even a time a teacher gave me five F grades in his class for literally no reason, but most likely to try and piss me off. I spoke to the dean about this situation, and I dropped the class. Madison College is not robbing me from any more of my hard earned money if they're going to have teachers that have this sort of conduct.

                                         Closing comments

To ANYONE that is reading this Blog, please PLEASE do not move to Wisconsin. If you do, you are making a terrible mistake. If you don't want to be constantly harassed by the police; get treated as a ghost; face terrible winters; have trouble making friends; trouble finding work; and want to be respected as a human being; DO NOT move to this state. EVERYTHING that I am telling you in this Blog is 100% true and I would not be typing this all up for no reason. There are better states to move to other than wasting your time here. If you are a resident of Wisconsin and you are reading this, I just want to let you know that you are not crazy. You are completely normal for going on Google and typing those keywords you just did into the search bar. Get the hell out of this state as fast as you can, it does not get better. Good luck.

- JoshCube